Bengali Mental Shutters

The overweight mole operates
In dim ambient national conditions.

She holds the burrow map
her uncle left behind from the war
With an iron grip
Just in case she looses sight
Of the familiar dead ends
In which she likes to party.
And play badminton.

Images of the first rays
of the rising sun
Are painted over an old exit in her cave.
A tribute to Hendrix, And When We Was Fab.

Nostalgia for a a Golden Age
That never was. Hers.

"Its not her fault"
Said Advocate Hingshar Malik.
"Its patriarchy, not false herstory".

Bipolar bindihood,  with
Octahedral ovaries
The geometry of the gigolo
Collapses in on itself.
As liberation mortgaged white power
Is found to empower
the gravitational attraction
that ensures this revolution

This actual black hole of calcutta.
(Not the one whitey made up)
Configures those bengali mental shutters.

On the bookshelf, to the web.
To the person in your bed.
But it is you that covered up the dead.

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