The things moderator Muslims do to appear unthreatening

It was an epic bumwave,
Anodyne cultural capitulation, 
Inspiring - like rabies.

Harmless fun
for my Neoliberalistani hun.
Ye Olde Cowering Musalman

A pop video rendition
of the root and branch cooption
of mourgeois Ummahstructure
for 13 years - shoved in my face. 

I salute you Mark Porest
and Aki Nawaz
and Hamja - for the yeast.

1 comment:

Ankh Morpok said...

So I take it you didn't like the 'Happy Muslims' video then?

Why am I not surprised.

A group of ordinary Muslims showing the diversity amongst Muslims and their happy and fun loving nature was never going to please the likes of you as it didn't include shouting useless slogans and undying hatred for others, as students are won't to do.