Mocking Hajar, the Kaaba and the sacred cities, Sisi-style

Check out the mass murderer's moves in the video below.

He is seen doing the jogging part of Sai, one of essential parts of Islamic Hajj and Umrah rituals centred on the city of Makkah, which commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim's wife Bibi Hajar's lonely search for water with their baby Ismail. Hajar ran between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times until the Zam Zam sprouted out of the earth, and upon his return Ibrahim rebuilt the Kaaba there.

It is a prayerful embodied practice for every pilgrim,  a pretty essential part of the Muslim's sacred-symbolic geography.

As the call for boycott, sanctions and divestment from Israel grows louder and shows some sign of material impact, so does the realisation that we have a big problem in the regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabi. Egyptian tourism, Saudi dates, decisions, philanthropy and theology are key zones of struggle.

To quote a decolonialist's fatwa

Hajj / Umra is Suspended Until The Ummah has Been Liberated from Taaghoot

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