The Big Sufippointment

One winter, three thousand miles west of here,
Somewhere in a city on the occupied Turtle Island
While the aspirant Mourgeoisie bathed in the warm white glow of acceptability and Convention
A Great White Shayk basically dethroned himself in two acts,
To the clarified ghee of Pavlov's dearly beloved kuttahs
Who actually clapped.

Not so fresh off the luxury plane
From a petro moronarchy's playground game
Shayk elaborated the crises of 'The Muslim Brain'.

With what one might charitably describe as an ironic prescience and privilege.

Within days, the deadly worlds of Developmentia, Preventitude and Neoliberalistan
Stank, closed ranks and sang in the new Gregorian year.

Depoliticised by years of rather whiney anaesthetainment,
Confused brown musalmugs ran for (their iPhone) covers.
Some sought solace In The Shade of the Traditional Trees
In a battle for memory, power, pacifier and mediocrity.

"Say something nice or shut up"
"Black on Black crime statesticals, Black friendly vouchers.."
13th Ammendment Documentary.
"Metaphysical osmosis"
"Stop this unedifying lynchmob"
Whiteous indignation much?
And  our old favourite,
 "you're overreacting"
From the autodismissive
Bending light to autoforget. 

Meanwhile, in a gilded ivory trashcan, 
A Fake White Knight, smiled at the opportunity.
And videos kept getting pulled from youtube

The Ummahtic car crash is not rare,
Nor something overnight.
May this mass witnessing of whiteness open futures.

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