Anthem of Participatory Genocide for the Border Guards of Digital Bangladesh

Border Guards Bangladesh,
Pilkhana decapitated, gutted and rebooted you,
and Shapla Chottor completed that reformat,
You protect the borders of the Bengali nationalist mind,
A very small perimeter, I understand,
Bloody, stupid, civilisationaly mutilating.
Not just for yourselves, and your unfortunate progeny.
But for us who share the same air, soil and blood.
The Tulip and the Aunt be Damned.

Run, fight, survive and thrive Rohingya.
Bear witness against your "Bengali" sister and brother
On that day when colonial pretension,
and government pension,
Will count for nought.

1 comment:

Fuad Ahmed said...

What an Islamist knob. No grounding in reality. Jump on any bandwagon to make anti Bangladeshi comments.

Sitting in London, is your dad going to feed and clothe these refugees?

What is Islamic fundamentalism if not reactionary emotional nostalgia?