The Bilad of Tulip and Rupa

Granddaughter of the Nation, 
Kinnockite Kilburn MP,
Forgetting to offset human rights hypocrisy,
Any display of compassion for victim and family.

Just a hollow trained technocratic dismissal,
"Who dat? 
He My constituent? 
He British? 
Me Bangladeshi? 
You racist? 
Want some?"
To the sympathy and deferral of The Silver Truth.
And roaring laughter.

Impunity and sycophancy, 
Entangled in two sick establishments,
Female BME Labour MP,
Intersectional invulnerability,
"Awami League is Labour's sister party"
Well May Be,
But THAT Moronarchy?
Business as usual Cornberry?

So lets celebrate our shit Bangladeshi MPs.

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Ankh Morpok said...

I see no reason a British MP should get involved in the case of a missing Islamic fundamentalist in Bangladesh. After all, Islamists don't believe in human rights, do they? So we are abiding by their rules. The thousands they killed, tortured and raped in 1971 testify to their disdain for rights. I'm loving the irony!