Dua ar Rohingyabad

At three or four locations in Bangladesh, proper, not the margins, there shall be a popular land acquisition initiative, of swaps donations, kard hasanat and what have we. I suspect the Sylhet Division will be most cooperative, inshAllah. Already we have witnessed great Ansaric Muscles from our people, even if they are thwarted by power holders at every turn.

These locations will be ripe for wise urban developments, featuring housing, education, health and work facilities for Rohingyas and the needy of Bangladesh. Plenty will be willing to put up the money, this will eventually pay for itself and set the tone for Bangladesh's Refugeecity, come river erosion, come climate change, come cyclones. Set the tone to Proactive Love.

Other OIC nations will come forward with their own Refugeecity concepts, and the best of our natures will be honed to delivering them, because Allahu Raziq and Malthus was basically a git.

A generation or so in Diaspora, with wider redoubled efforts to learn and combat Buddhist Islamophobias in Asia, may the Rohingya survive, and thrive and be in better conditions to organise and decide what to do about their former homes.

As the rain and winds beat down and kill them in the Bangladesh camps, we reflect on the culpability of our elites, thought bleeders and mental frames, which have put them in harms way. Nationalist excuses. 

An easy reflection from thousands of miles away. 

Angels of the Night of Powerful Enlightenment, hear our prayer.


Ain said...


Ankh Morpok said...

Who died and made you the boss of Sylhet? We don’t even prefer our sisters and daughters to marry Bengali’s from outside Greater Sylhet and you have us donating land and building refugee cities for people who aren’t even Bangladeshi? Fagol na sagol re Bhai?

Like the Palestinians in Lebanon, nobody wants these people to settle permanently in Bangladesh.
Islamic politics is only good for feel good slogans. Nothing more. The country can’t house its own people and a British based fundamentalist wants to house others!

Thankfully Bangladesh is a Muslim country, not an Islamic one.

Anonymous said...

Rohingya women bring prostitution and men are petty criminals. Keep Shah Jalaler Mati fak.

Fuad Ahmed said...

Better for dua for them to go home to Mayanmar in safety and dignity.

Ankh Morpok said...

Alhamdulillah, a good dua Fuad with simcere niyat/intention as opposed to the authors wet dreams and ideological wish fulfilment.

Anonymous said...

Wheres all the money promised by the ‘brotherly’ OIC countries to help refugees?

Anonymous said...

This article might as well ask for sunshine and unicorns.