Did I get anything done today?

ate at a place called satu the other night, thai join, very empty and hidden in vvankerbankerland. good company, nice place and highly innapropriate music.

then got the lurgee, forgot how tiring sneezing could be,

started looking to apply myself to sorting out the Deshi flood situation, fired of some emails in my great impotence...then got distracted by the world outside and applied for a job!!!

most annoying thing in the world is putting your heart and soul into interestingly answering the inane questions on the dodgy online applications.....only to have the session time out.
sick joke. im not laughing

project-in-looking-out-the-window looks like its going through the process, references gone, not yet arrived.

i really want to go to this conference in malaysia in september. HOW IS THAT GONNA HAPPEN.

recipe for happiness - that gorgeous turkish bread and chocolate spread


d o t s . said...

gorgeous turkey bread? what's that then?

d o t s . said...