who needs titles. this blog business isnt about discipline

Spoke to an interesting man yesterday, who might give me a job, or at least an interesting conversation, i had a dodgy experience with a small time enetrepreneur lately,I recommend thoroughly checking people out and not being too eager in the first place.

Dreamt that my project got funding last night, I wasnt too happy about it for some reason, which is strange... I guess thats one thing to learn for the future, 'never get yourself trapped in a lack-of-funding situation'.

also seems to be the season for mates telling prospectives to...'shoo off'.

to the tune of the song in Joseph and his technicoloured dreamcoat/

i dreamt that on the tube one day, at bill collecting time
your committee of tired old farts all turned and bowed to mine

could it be that I was born to set the goonies free?
Love(bleugh!!!), success and travel grants but not a pee aitch dee!

oh well.

recipe for happiness - white bread toasted, with honey and chopped strawberries.

Umma got some pleasant news from Desh today, inshAllah things will proceed swimmingly.

Newlyweds from the north coming tomorrow, need to tidy the house....suddenly that a paper called 'Controls on facies distribution and stratigraphic preservation in the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta sequence' looks like it needs reading.

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