so i only have a few days left in kl. shall i push my ticket later so i can fit indonesia into this trip?

in the past week or so i have dossed at iium(Rivendell), been to singapore and back(to meet Aragorn and Yoda), then penang( to meet Gandalf) and dossed some more in kl (ive run out of nerdy metaphors folks, sorry!). might post in detail later.

i am holed up in a poshish part of kl, petaling jaya, in a house that a kind couple has given over to wandering vagrants such as myself while they are abroud raking it in. i say its posh because some planning wonk neglected to include PAVEMENTS in the scheme of things.

kl is quite mixed up, everyone is really cute. malays havent been integrated into it more more than a generation...so the temporal spatial community aspect of things is less developed that in say..... penang. Im going to check out bangi, before i leave, i have a feeling its like dhanmondhi in the community respect(minus the ridiculous amount of schools). one people are settled well, the sophistication of the mosque services grows. imaging being able to listen to interesting lectures from the mosque from your bedroom.... community security systems... its all good.

got some new books today, one on phenomenology (weird philosophical method of research/analysis), raffles and religion, ef schomachers guide for the perplexed and something by a chap called steve fuller on intellectuals.

how will i carry all of this home ay? ay? ay?

ive reformed my ideas about proton, my mate has a cool bright yellow car..semi sportscar made by them. not bad... but hell what do i know about cars .. mechanised urban death machines.
i need to work on some aliph male credentials something..

"eliza fetch me my slippers."

so tmrw.. need to get hold of some wedding worthy clothing that doesnt smell, go to a malay wedding and meet up with a funky prof who writes about corruption, and its sociology.

engineering seems generally to be quite a corrupt thing, wastes of moneies that could be best spent elsewhere... or at least spent on something interesting (to me of course). take the proliferation of kiddies playground in petaling jaya. its all well and cute, but someone is really teking the piss here.

oo i tried to find buyers for bangladeshi handloom products, only i had no idea how much my samples were worth :-P

thankfully im getting to spend time with really deep and thought ful people. though i primarily came for a conference, i dont feel like my paper was scrutinised adequately, iA that will happen now that contacts have been made.

we got dosa takeaway yesterday, generated a ridiculous amount of washing up.

1 dosa is 1 ringit, about 15 pence! (90 cents in penang, which is full of hookers of indeterminable gender btw)

Will all the budding entrepreneurs that undoubtedly read my nonsenseness figure out a way of getting starfruit juice on the global market....


nai said...

where is the mosque that we can here the lecture from our bedroom, im sorry if i ask the silly question, bezause i found ur english was kind of lot sciences, and my english was poor.

indeed, your presentation give us some light, but honestly speking it was a great writing it just that im kind of hard to understand it. Because the language was so high..Poor me..

i will iA read it more and more.

Fugstar said...

salam nai,

apparently thats the situation in the older parts of the bangi neighbourhood near ukm.