pre malaysiastani warblings

its easy to buy off people in this country. im suprised it hasnt sold itself down the ribher more than it has.

take the (lack of) science funding.

this ignocracy has penniless bhision. So many of the public uni teachers spent a lot of time teaching (the whole afternoon in the pribhate unibhersities to boost their salaries (i hear you can get like a lakh a month).

and what time for research?

oh and dont let me start on the the total absence of planing and strategy in building science infrastructure of any productibhe power. the bhariability and dumbarsedness of ebhery gobhernment. Maaan i need to fix this keyboard.

i guess i'll be a little less harsh about those who jump at the 'debhelopment' honey.

the degeneracy is our own and some is empowered from outside, the shift can happen from within, im just thinking (deterministically) how it might.....

Ershad joins the bnp, they win...the AL goes through a collapse and transformation into something better. yeah right

The AL win, joi bin bingobondhu runs ICT with a bit of efficacy, proud muslims are oppressed.... the bnp-al shared gobht agreement goes through another cycle. yeah right


something rather interesting happens. somebody with a plan and talent shows some initiatibhe.

i would prefer the two main parties to knockthemselbhes into outerspace, im sure that any group of uni kids could do better, though keeping a lid on the selfish businesses and industrial interests would be interesting to crush....Zidane style.

The story behind the 'MP candidates can stand in a maximum of 5 seats' rule is from the 1980s when ershad thwarded hasina and khalida zias scheme to stand in 150 seats each to oust him.

a canny operator as always, he 'adapted' the constitution. the scenario around rule changes and the rules for making rule changes are always quite rebhealing (Thankyou Ms Ostrom)

im listening to a bhery crap album by a band called aurthohin. My cousin , who's in a band would call is cheap 'ami' tumi 'bhalobashi' tripe. i concur. thats 80 taka that i guess i wont be seeing any time soon.

a rather funky blog -> http://www.safiyyah.ca/wordpress/

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