New word : BlogSlip

This is an important term for Our knowledge culture. BlogSlip is a habit enabled by the onset of the Internet, whereby the voice of the fool is drawn further into prominence than is necessary. An important characteristic of BlogSlip is in the empowerment of flawed ideas and bitter thinking

I can BlogSlip when drawn into commenting upon that I shouldn't really get into, because the 'others' ears are filled with lead and/or I really don't have any special knowledge on the matter. BlogSlip also explains BS in the press. The UK Guardians entire 'Comment is Free' section is full of BlogSlip.

In the age where the electronically endowed and righteously indignant collide through the facilities of Web 2.0 as well as the corporate media, there is the strange idea that having an opinion, or carrying an opinion on everything is desirable, a sign of not being apathetic.

This poor attitude can only lead to trouble and gunah, for the one who really believes in Accountability.



Shak said...

What about if you talk crap without provocation? I don't ask anyone to read my blog; does that leave me accountable for the ideas they take away from it?

Fugstar said...

Dude thats next level blogslip... maybe even blogspill.

Blows my mind to try to figure out how different people approach different kinds of text.

I guess, at the end of the day we have to strive for better writing and frame stuff explicitly, i know thats my problem.

purple said...

(Why has your font gone sooo tiny?)

BloggerSlip essentially belongs to the bog, right?

If everyone went round making articulate valid points, then there won't be any value to 'articulate valid points', or rather it wouldn't exist.

Bloggingslippage is necessary in order to appreciate or validate the other end of the spectrum.

So in conclusion bloggersSlipping is somewhat a good thing, in moderate dosage though.

Anyway, don't like the sound of that word. Can we get to Ganjineering?