New word - PragmatoMarxist

The PragmatoMarxist is often found working in the Development Industry, and harbours the belief that he or she is bringing something Southern to the table.

Such characters are common in Bangladeshi Society. I hope I am not one of them.

Definition of terms
Development Industry - The range of interests and God complexes that contrive to convince people that they are working to 'develop' communities and individuals.

Its complicated.

The Development Industry is hard to argue against and resist, it has a virtuous vocabulary and is worth Billions every year. I hope I do not become part of that industry. We should think and act in terms of the Post-Development era.

Southern - Implies a degree of authenticity and autonomy from the hegemon, call it The North, Anglo-Saxonia, 'Western Hegemony', OECD Countries, Orientalist gaze, entrenched powers, recolonisers, victors of WW1 and 2 or whatever. *Southern* politically correct way of referring to Developing countries which in itself is a distraction from the idea that these are decolonising societies and resurgent societies.

Authentic Southern figures I feel include people like Ali Shariati, Hugo Chavez, Franz Fanon, Hussein Al Attas, Mahathir and the like. People who might not fit 100% with readers political-ideological sensibilities, but who really are a different breed. Such characters dont play the Development Game, they just do it.


sonia said...

Interesting. I always find that this persistent emphasis on "authenticity" somewhat irritating. my premise in all this is that we are individuals and not necessarily representatives of groups. i think its just as discriminatory to assume that say, a young english man will have a specific agenda and an inability to 'understand'- because of who his perceived ancestors are and 'place in society' - as it is to assume something about someone from their skin colour. individuals today bring different things to the table. being an asian female, im tired of people expecting me to have a 'certain slant' on life. i have many different 'slants' ! this sort of thinking i find just keeps people in 'grooves' and keeps reducing things to class, gender or race etc. - rather than allow people to be coming out of those boxes. I;m not saying those descriptions don't have relevance in people's lives, but that it would be nice to not have to be judged by things you cannot help. which i always thought was the fundamental point about racism and social discrimination in the first place.

Fugstar said...

i didn't make any assumptions as to the racial origin of the pragmatomarxist. If anything, in my little experience, they are more often brown.

nai said...

Wah, MasyAllah.Such a lot and lot new information her since a dropped here. Yes, Dr Mahadhir as far as I'm concern despite his political what we can called critical crisis in Malaysia he has embark his own style of thinking; inside and outside the country. Diffeent breed. Totally.

nai said...

btw: Can I finally link this blog? Oh btw also, the PDF cd that I have mentioned before I neber got a chance to get it from my friend yet. InshAllah, later.