Not in our name

As per tradition, i never seem to be at home when bombs go off in either desh or the uk.

Normally the mediatised environment immediately after an attack is publicly very demanding of Muslim Apology or Condemnation (Apology by another name i feel). As if that achieves anything concrete or otherwise.

This time the event happened, 'failed', simultaneously implicated a highly skilled group of public servants (doctors) and took place following Labour's Regime change and the well published khalafi-to-neocon conversions and confessional statements of Ed Hussain and Mr Butt.

An intriguing initiative then emerges. It's Muslim, called Muslims United and bears the slogan 'Not in our Name' ...wait for the roll call...

The 1) Conservative Muslim Forum, 2) Islamic Releif, 3) The Islamic Society of Britain and some 4) muslim medics and dentists group. So it 1) wants to get ahead, 2) is lovely, 3) middle class and 4) skilled.

cute, hope it works though not an easy task. I'm confident that these folks have some groovy moves and are going to be proactive.


Shak said...

I'm not convinced either and probably won;t get involved too much. Sometime s I hate being so cynical.

Purple said...

same here. but i suppose when you're dealing with dumb people you have to take that extra step to explain/clarify things even more. :rolleyes:

think I'll plop this link here


Bangladesh a breeding ground for terrorists - this has been around the academic circles for a bit, we've gone mainstream now. wahay. :rolleyesagain: