Tranformers, Robots Compromised

Saw the Transformers film a few days ago, it was silly to say the least, the teenage boy character was too annoying by far, and the human role was given too much emphasis. At times it felt more like the most puke inducing moments of the Herbie films of years gone by.

The effects were stunning though, i dont remember much of the original cartoon but as far as i do remember the best thing about the franchise were those toys that would transform(robot to car, plane or even tape recorder), not the plot or artwork. The live action was reminiscant of times engaged in imaginary battles with nappy-chums, silly piece of articulated plastic in hand and vocal FX engaged.

Philosophically i have a problem with the leader of the autobots, Optimus Prime, being a gas guzzling lorry engine thingemy. A really stupid choice of authority, graceless, dirty, dependant of oil, slow and hardly agile. The middle east referencing (the military base that was initially attacked) was to be expected from a US corporate product so I wont read too much into it, neither would it be worthwhile elaborating about the sorry excuse for 'humour' invoked.

They really could have done more with it, especially as those of us who played with said objects of questionable value are 'grown up' now.

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