The Spirit of the Ganj

Is in short supply and jealously guarded lest it be appropriated by dark forces.

It requires.

Non-capitulation to dubious forms of white think (secularisation, deradicalisation, liberalism).
Practical utility.
Fellowship with the humble and the noble.
Unashamed advocacy and defence of one beleaguered and dishonoured comrades.
Social Memory.

The Spirit of the Ganj influences the individual and collective in a nonlinear fashion, crushing hurdles, finessing rough edges but generally fueling certain activities.

It is uncertain whether the Spirit of the Ganj is the same as the Spirit of the Pind. Consultation continues.


sonia said...

white-think, that's funny. i suppose muslim-think might well be the next term to be coined...perhaps something along the lines of:

keeping of concubines and justifying it with religion: muslim-think

fug said...

id call that wishful-think.

oh btw. begum rokeya had the spirit-of-the-ganj.