Be Kind Rewind

Thought i.d attempt a film review. This production stars Jack Black (School of Rock and Tenacious D), Mos Def (who played Zaphod Beedlebrox in the recent rendering of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and Danny Glover (Leathal Weapons et al). .. and its directed by Michel Gondry who brought us the zany Science of Sleep. So i was expecting something rather silly and fun. Only see this film if you are feeling that way and only watch it with people who are similarly inclined.

It starts by building up the apparatus for the gagfest and proceeds to delight the viewer with brazenly ingenious mimicry of emblematic scenes from popular film. In fact it does to film what Jack Black does to rock music in general. Physical humour is abundant, with my favourite moment, lasting all but a few seconds consisting of an imitation piano, with black peoples fingers representing the black keys and... yeah well.

Maybe i should write about Jerry's magnetic wee, or Mos Defs incredible initial camoflage or the way he handles different characters heads. But that would be telling.

Hmm, big idea content. I think there was some. MAGNETISATION for a start. SWEDING. The open sourcing of videomaking. The idiocy of overzealous copyrightists and the viral spread of crazes and the impersonality of the film maker to audience community relationship.

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