There's still a long way to go

200 000 people braved the cold in London last Saturday. I know large numbers, Ive been on Umrah (the minor pilgrimage) during the last days of Ramadan. Their other plans were put on hold because the Israelis are still at it, killing Palestinians.

It is such a disgusting state of affairs that good people in Israel are appealing for the outside world to Boycott, Divest and Sanction their own country. Naomi Klein puts it so well. Meanwhile a few of The Occupation's UK based foot soldiers put on a pathetica excuse for a 'Pro Israel' rally at trafalgar square. The need for them to have a demo and to construct it like they did speaks volumes. I worry that many of my Jewish neighbours have been fundamentally misled by this Israel Project. Can't wait for them to reach a more post zionist future.

At demonstrations, as an individual, you tend to have dozens of human interactions which are generally hopeful and full of good things. Therefore there were millions of positive interactions amongst the protesters, drawn from all of the country.Value inheres to each newly created relationship. Thus we are being Tawhesive.

There was the granny who came despite her broken arm, and the slightly tipsy aunty who had fashioned her very own grim reaper for the occasion. Can't forget the story of the girl who brought a shoe mounted on a stick. She threw the shoe towards the Offending Embassy, then cracked the stick over her leg and threw the peices towards the same target. I have never seen English girls kick so much arse.

There were so many happeneings and each happeneing defied reduction to a headline. Cute teenage begums singing jarringly potent nursery rhymes. Initiatives to shove aid towards the palestinians by air and by sea despite the Israeli's best efforts. The motivational song by some chap from the Baby shambles. The biggest banner in the whole world promoting Palestine Solidarity enabling sportswear. Not to forget, the biggest palestinian flag in the whole world. Participating in some bizzare dancey chant with some Somalis. Trying to move people away from a dangerously squishy false finish at the Czech Embassy (doh!) and miaowing when Galloway came on.

Praying asr and magrib jamaats on the streets of Kensington and Chelsea reminded me how far muslims have come in the past 8 years. I remember battling with the whole 'demos are bidah' and 'you mustn't cooperate from those who aren't 100% identical to you' rubbish which has thankfully been ejected from the habitus. I hope we have come along far enough for InterPals bank account not to be shut down by spurious bank actions. (I wonder who decided to cause this charity grief?)

Needless to say, there is a lot of expression and introspection as the sight of oxygenated palestinian blood on the streets of Gaza rips of the veils that have been drawn over our eyes. Its Uloominating.

Why are Muslim countries so weak?
How 'Muslim' is this issue anyway?
Why can we not defend them?
Why do Zionists demonise me with the Anti-Semetic barb?
How come Project Israel has such a suffocating effect on the Ummah's breathing?
Whats with this easily exploitable secular-islamist schism?
What is better, no leader or a useless leader?
Whats with these post-holocaust zionised jewish cousins of ours, why are they so mental?
What can we, as little atoms, small crystals and raging supernovae do for Palestinian dignity?

These questions accompany joint actions with others of good will. But despite being a just cause, Palestinian Freedom still has a long way to go, and by freedom I mean contiguous territorial integrity.

In many ways it is just the tip of an iceberg of many other seldom addressed ummahtic 'mojo' problems.

Expressions of solidarity for what Palestinians are going through have taken many forms around the world. What is PC in one place isnt necessarily so in another place. Even Ban Ki Moon's compatriots are venting. Have a look around You Tube for ideas, I think the vocabulary of protest must grow.


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