Erdogan's spine, the BBC's shame, the IDF's latent evil and the WSF's hope

The Turkish Prime Minister Erdoganstormed out of a session at the Davos Summit yesterday after not being given adequate time to counter the forked tongued lies of Shimon Peres over the Israeli assault on Gaza. He returned to his country a hero and his actions were appreciated many many outside it.

The head of the IAEA Mohamed El Baradei pulled out of BBC press interviews because of the BBC's partisan stance on refusing to allow the DEC's humanitarian appeal for Gaza. I think too that it is time to superscede the BBC. Can other actors please emerge now!

Other less powerful, but equally noble men and women are shedding their ties with the BBC. Many more are wondering whether to bother switching to HDTV and how, in the Age of the Internet, to bypass paying the BBC and Sky for their 'impartial' lies altogether. The most dangerous thing is the perception that one's media is objective, value free and scientifically pure.

Meanwhile an Israeli Militant involved in the Gaza massacre talks to Young British Jews in London freely. Interesting how he was permitted entry into the UK.

As the over-reported WEF chugs on capitalistically in a resort in Switzerland the World Social Forum is taking in Brazil. Check it out.

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