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Bangladesh has unfortunately been made a fool of this past week. Not sure why the western press has focussed on this week in particular though, and on certain kinds of foolishness. A Biman flight to London was delayed 10 hours for blocked toilets and national newspapers couldnt twig that the Onion was spoof news.

Meanwhile negotiations continue with the Global Climate Change nexus over the New Copenhagen Concensus and with India over Tipaimukh.

Stop moaning about a lack of power, just dont dress like europeans.
In news that was intepreted aboard as 'green', the prime minister of bangladesh orders government employees to not wear suits in summer and reduce aircon use. Nevermind the chronic inability to generate electricity.

Ex-FM killed in car accident

[Breaking News] The former Bangladesh Finance Minister Saifur Rahman is killed in a car accident on the Sylhet-Dhaka Highway. Innalillah... He had delivered 12 Annual Development Plans in his time, thats a big loss of national experience and a blow to the opposition to the BNP. Any fishiness and foul play aside, this, yet again, brings up questions of road safety in Bangladesh. Improving social discipline in Bangladesh is a very hard thing. Somebody please.

The World Bank don't know P1Gsh1t
‘Climate change is likely to deal severe blows to Bangladesh’s agriculture. We don’t know yet exactly what will be adverse effects, especially on livelihoods,’ said Khawaja M Minnatullah, a climate change expert at the World Bank Dhaka office. [NewAge 5th Sept]

HT Bangladesh get arrested commemorating the Battle of Badr
I do find the HT experience in Bangladesh interesting, even more so now that the Awami League have been promoted into incompetance (again) by the voters. Check the text of the report and its very revealing of the press-power nexus. Gone is the Z to J substitution, Tahrir, which means liberation, is not translated as such, and the issue about which they were raising awareness was secularly, or perhaps ignorantly, ommitted. Just 'Badar Day'.

The Battle of Badr is an important part of early Islamic History. nuff said really.

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