Just build the blumin road you slow coaches!

I just read a NewAge story about an ADB study over the costs and benefits of Bangladesh joining the Asian Highway. Here are some incomplete thoughts.

As if a linearly imprisoned, deterministic and economistic donor-driven study will ever do anything for national mojo? The BNP government sat on this and wasted it. The Awami league are going around with a begging bowl.

Lets talk about the 'wealthy and middle class bangladeshis' who stand to immediately and tangiably gain most from this.

Our national birthing occured in two steps, each one more parochialising and provincialising than the previous one. Appeals to Muslim and Bengal identity weren't really culturally productive, but political postures. Yet today with immigration, colonised curriculums and remittance, the Deshi wanna-bourgioise is better connecting to serving the technocratic interests of Anglosaxonia and the least interesting bits of Arabistan. It is also trapped by the Indian nation state and cowers to it on some important issues. Lets add some other countries to the mix. Let us have some partners.

Making it easy to reach other places by road would allow roots to grow into asia and broaden the outlook of this class of people. Perhaps.

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