Why are you taking it out on BROWN, it was you son's choice and the evil Bliar's leadership wot got him killed.

These days the British public are being force fed armed forces pride and trained against thought crimes. Every billboard tries to explain the virtues of wearing a poppy with a backdrop of

The most wise and courageous thing to do would be to withdraw the limp phallus of british state terror from the middle east and central asian areas. Its made things worse. You can't polish a turd, even when its made with the congealed blood of tens of thousands of Asians and a few hundred white people.

The Prime Minister writes a letter to the mother of a soldier killed recently. What does she go and do?.... scream straight to the tabloids over his spelling. Meanwhile the tabloids get their kicks out of playing up the Prime Minister's sight problems. What grace and class.

Blue washed right, left and center.

Pathetic really.

Get them out .
Bring them home.
Stop thinking that you are the solution, you're not.

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easy now