Al Muhajirun Spinoff vs British Muslims for Secular Democracy Deathmatch this saturday

Deep inside the sellout ghetto.

"Yaar, what shall we do yaar? that unwashed anjem choudhury and droogs are trying to bring the Sharia to Britain by textspeak, look..."

cum 2 hour demo islam4u: Shariah in the UK of A. send ths txt to all your brothers and sisters in islam
please please pretty please x x x x x

"Whats new yaar? save for the appeal to the 12 year old stupid girl sector?"

"I'll tell you whats new, now that the BNP got chastised by the british middleocracy, its up to us, as spokespeople for the Mourgoisie, to reciprocate to increase our visibility"

"Yes i was looking to acquire some new stationary the other day, So what shall we do? I wanted to go shopping that day"

"I don't know yaar, but you know what I do whenever I dont know what to do?"

"Ah yes, imagine like we imagine a white person imagines"

"Easy, theres a website for this"

2 hourse later.

"So that was how you came up with our Acronym?"

"Yes yaar, would you like a beer?"

"So how comes all the white liberals i talk to laugh us off as if we are some sex toy vendor?"


"So the quilliam chaps are on the line, some sleazy sounding fella. They'd want in on this, actually I bet they'll actually end up with the credit, press coverage because we are such fat losers boohoohoo."

10 hours later

"Wait a second MajEd, I hear you but fail to see how all this soas medieval BS is really going to play with middle england, I mean its ok for you, we actually have to make sense. No you cant use that in your thesis."

"Another long one ey?"


"Its Peter Tatchell"

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Arno Wagener said...

Request for Help : Translation for Muhammad Yunus

Dear Human . . .

1st : You know someone who knows German Language ?!
2nd : We need a translation of a text in Bangla [ was it right ?! ]
3rd : This Text : http://www.globalwe.de/coop/mail.2009.10.28.htm

Mr. Muhammad Yunus is next Month [ we meet him in Wiesbaden at 5th and some days later we are together at the Vision Summit in Berlin ] in Germany . . .


But - I guess you agree - to read it in his own language would be more comfortable for Mr. Yunus.

So - to translate in English - it would be no Problem.
This is the first step . . .
For example a real propper British English. + !
Second Step of course : Your own language . . .

It would be in the own interest of Mr. Yunus !
And - of course - we would be thankful to you.

So. You can help ! + ?
Or. You know people who can help . . .

Your faithfully

Arno Wagener
RegioWIR - GlobalWE