Ansar 2.0

Ramadan has begun.
Welcome, so glad you could make it.
We head towards Planet Taqwa, from wherever we might be.
Care to suggest a heading?

Asian weather systems are behaving in a bizzare fashion, subjecting its societies to conditions which are waaay out of the ordinary. Extreme flooding has displaced an estimated 10% of Pakistan's population, heatwaves and fires cloaking Moscow for days in a 40 degree BBQ and drought in Bangladesh severly impacting agriculture.

One big qustion that I wish I knew the answer to but havent recieved a decent answer for is.

You are from Pakistan and slightly clued up about it, about postcolonialism, developmentia, politics of aid, TWAT politics, Ummahtic mojo et al, so what do you recommend we do for the sisters and brothers afflicted in Pakistan?

DEC donations, else personal networks of khedmat. Duas.

Emergencies often cause people to throw all tentatively held principles out of the window and opt for the most seemingly actionable. Hence the radical pan asian arts movement holding a fundraising film night in ramadhan.

Yet what would be better?

We know that The Man is all over our money networks and every transfer out of whitey approved channels runs the risk of being impounded. US drones are targetting flood victims while their sister vehicles 'help' the pakistan military conduct relief ops. The Pakistan Taliban urges the rejection of USAID, while Sloane Ranger Apa uses allegories of dying men and 'get in there before the taliban to'.

Allah protect them. Make us adequate Ansar.

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