The Masses against the Glasses

"The masses wont get it", the friend responded, as I flung some pretty awesome/kooky ummahtic material upon her eyes. I wriggle, "Why must masses be the ones who are 'targeted' and constitute the quality controllers of Cultural J?".

These are the same assumed quality controllers who have co-created, as religious consumer groups, the syncretic cocktail of Londonistani tendancies so far. Lets give the public credit. These objections aren't real, they are figments of our unimaginations fashioned through experiences with folks who have been institutionalised in a certain way.

So lets keep it real, as we say so often. For the Haunting Masses.

Who remembers the Self-Salafizing Sepoys and the Personal Piety Police? Or the Hate-hungry Hizbi Havildars and the (wait for it) Indefatigable Injured Ikhwanis? Well thankyou, you are all in my head now. Be my guests, but I have to invite many more. Who knows you might even get along.

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