Alien's kidnapped my imam and meddled with his mind

Is how many people feel about the Usama Hasan saga. For others its been a time for political capitalism and whiteous indignation. For me I think a lot of organisation's lost the 'fear' that speaking in support of his safety would 'Quilliamise' them in Muslim eyes.

On the matter of Evolution, I temporarily conclude that neither Harun Yayha, Nuh Keller, Usama Hasan nor Taner Eidis approaches are satisfactory or nourishing.

On the mosque politics, the paradigms of Mubarak and Abu Bakr(ra) under siege have been invoked by various sides, like a coplicated game of celebrity trump cards.

As the Millat grows - radially - we can expect more conflict and would be wise to design technologies of humility and deescalation, inculcate the adab of ikhtilaugh and nurture interest in the truth, not the power.

 Dissentary is a problem, as well as gangsterisation.

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