Imamic emission

A list of voicings concerning the production of ummahtic stupidity surrounding tawhid mosque,  muslim perspectives on evolution and Shayk Usama Hasan.

"Why don't you educated people keep your science in the university? This is a mosque."
"Don't go creating fitna over here!"
"Are you saying that the Prophet Adam's came from apes?"
"Let him speak, I want to hear hear if he's a kaafir myself!"
"These fuckers irritate me so much, I actually have sympathy for the EDL."
"Bro Usama, I am behind you. If there is someone that issues you a death threat, give me his name, I will come there myself and YANK HIS BEARD OUT WITH MY OWN HANDS! "
"[He] should be commended, hes doing what we never did, put[ting] his balls on the line"
Indeed there is faya between the kuns. And the Trustees are on faya

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Shak said...

Who needs the Daily Mail when you have Muslim Blogs and YouTube?