Bose Condensate, Bangladesh Concentrate

I have been reading Dead Reckoning this week, Sarmila Bose's book that casts a critical eye on a few of the episodes of the Succession to (il)Liberation struggle that brought us Bangladesh. It disturbs the Manichean fairy tale of Liberation quite significantly and I doubt whether anything will be the same again.

Nobody is exonerated in this piece of work, which provides resources for justice-seeking and future-making alike. I feel embarrassed as to how well it depicts the character of the deshi intelligensia. These people seem to confirm themselves with every blow they land on the integrity of the work and author.

  • The question is, so what now?
  • As more deshis realise how shamelessly they have been misled and infantalised, how does the envelope of future becoming expand?
  • Will this book even be available to buy in Bangladesh?
  • What other sense making is possible shortly?

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Bradly Jones said...

The government is trying hard but i still do not see major changes. the promise made a few days ago was to reduce the poverty rate by half in the coming years. I prefer reality talk.

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