A Survey of Human Affairs

"The world today is in a state of constant internecine war. The flames of war burn the crust of the whole earth; they do not spare either the crowned heads of Windsor Castle, the Dollar-gods of White House of the humble dwellers of some jungle cave in the forests of Africa. Discontent is intensive as it is extensive.  Each individual and each nation has a tendency to suck, with the aid of all available weapons, the blood of the other individuals and nations, whether one needs it or not.  When in its external appearance war is actually visible, there is open mass cannibalism - killing and plundering on a gigantic scale.  Killing provokes more killing and plunder more plunder untill the world frets, foams and is completely exhausted. They take rest for a while and this period of respite they call a state of peace.  In this so-called state of peace, they make for an even greater killing, secret preparations which they in hypocritical and diplomatic language call post-war reconstruction; they have a League of Nations of a United Nations Organisation apparently to end war, but really to secure allies for the next game."

from Abul Hashim's "The Creed of Islam or The Revolutionary Character of the Kalima" (1950)

The author is one of those I believe needs more historical and conceptual consideration from Bakhtiyar and Begum.

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