natural resource exploitation in bangladesh

The Awami government has been selling the country short to Conoco-Phillips it would seem.
theres been some spirited lefty protest going on thats getting beaten by the cops a lot.

Shahidul Alam's blog covers it
Theres a neat video fo a Dhaka Uni-based action, an interview with Rahnuma Ahmed

My hopes are that its not just political ID politics and that a broader base of people come outaffirming a pro indigenous technological development mood music, epistamic movement and disobedience.

We must superscede the anarchic street protest methodology that the awami league had deployed since before 1970, and the archaic student tribal showing -off politics that blow things out of proportion every now and again (most recently during the military caretaker government.)

Bangla bhai, Bangla bhai
Tui MNCderke marteparo nai?

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