Burying bad news in Bangladesh, as Begum Reshmi, a survivor of the Rana Plaza Disaster is found alive after 17 days

Watch us wrap our middle class guilt over Begum Reshmi who by the grace of Allah and no one else, survived 17 days under the rubble of the Awami league gangster's building that was rented by brac bank and callous garments factories and built dangerously on the land of a Hindu uncle of ours, whose home was looted in the ruins.

We entomb her in tyranny, concrete and mangled steel, then have the audacity to feel good at her 'resilience'.

To some, who will know who they are, I have this to say. No you aren't good, and you have no right to feel good, you callous and bloody minded people who cry crocodile tears but actually have a very limited sympathy for fellow humans as we see in your complicity in the cover up of police brutality just down the road in motijheel. #justsaying

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