"Double Standards of Evidence"

Yet another journalist
This time brown girl, tells me
That my sauce is unreliable
The epistemic politics of which
I do not care to unwind
Because in this business
There is no humanity
Just secular commodity

We know
That its code
For not caring
Enough to risk failure
And marginalisation
Such moral capitulation
What did I hear you say?
"Lets get more Muslims in the media"

May the martyrs of Motijheel
Be granted high station
And spared the indignity 
Of being whitened up 
For the anglo-liberal gaze
Only to shift
When someone strips.

May they be spared
Political exploitation from home and abroad
From the frames of foolish friends and enemies.
Selling "Talibanisation or Secularization"
"We are the bulwarks against fundamentalism", or
Some teenager's notion of "BanglaSpring"

May the terrified
Reach safety
Wise counsel
And witness the facts
If they wish
Without intimidation, or
Fear of recrimination

As for those
Who cover up or dismiss
There is a word, in Arabic
Whose literal meaning
Has you down to a ك‍ 

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