Bangladeshi singer Moshiur Rahman's arrest and the real problem that we face

Progress Bangladesh reports that Moshiur Rahman, a pioneering spiritual singer in Bangladesh has been arrested and remanded in police custody.  This is just a small part of the government's drive to annihilate the politics, resources and bodies of those who aim higher than what they call secular liberal nationalism.  They have arrested him because of his alleged connection to Shibir, a much loved-hated group.

While many do not have sympathy with those connected to Shibir, I have some because they are humans like the rest of us and also because I have a non secular politics too. I reject the prejudiced portrayal, dehumanisation and brutalisation of them over the past 4 years and call for those who wish justness for and from Muslim students activists the world over to be human, sit up and pay attention.

Moshiur Rahman sings of the love of God, humanity, justice and religion. Here are clips of him singing "Place my grave by the mosque dear brother" and "Allah, would you make me a house in your garden"

It is time for reflection and socio-spiritual transformation, especially with Ramadan, the month of Qur'an ahead of us. What is the meaning of this strife in Bangladesh what does it tell us about the national polital condition?

The Brethren of Black Lotus, a non-partisan coalition of activists, artists, scholars, professionals and businessmen note
 ...that it is not a line in the land which divides us, nor our devotions to God and Justice, it is not simply access to resources either. Our lives and hopes are blighted by the fundamentalisms of secular nationalism which draw lines through our souls, our minds and our bodies.We challenge the titans of ceremony, ignorance and buerotic misdirection.

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