#OccupyGezi, as Turkey's own #Shahbag, but not exactly and the #OccupyHypocrisy of the spectacle

Ultra nationalist symbols.... check
Liberation motanarratives.... check
Occupy branding without irony.... check
Political partisan capture, mediation if not blue-printing.... check
Secularist political polarity .... check
Strategic Civic Tree Conservationism.... check
Crazy seculib intellectuals in favour of.... check
Muslim Islamophobia well expressed .... check
Better Art than the adversary.... check
Bandwagoning from seculiberalefty internationale and neocon-gineers .... check
Limits of bismilla capitalism on show .... check

#Occupygezi is anti government, #Shahbag was pro-government.
Maturity of response and depth of punditry to contest, and caress, the enraged.... uncheck. Oh desh where is your Zaman, your people of Aykol's eloquence and intellect if not exact politics?
Depth of social alcoholeering..... uncheck. Can't believe all that fuss over the right-to-get-pissed near mosques and schools, Turkey. Its as if the Alcopaks took over the asylum.
Leadership quality .... AKP have good conciliatory people iA
Nature of International press on the ground..... uncheck. Istanbul is a lovely place, the edge of Europe and an economy of plenty. Dhaka is difficult to move around, a centre for Developmentia, in the hinterland of Asia and only interesting for poverty, disaster and climate pornography.

Craig Murray on Talking Turkey
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Hugh Pope blog injects a little realism

Any police brutality is abominable, whether in London Istanbul and Dhaka. But what can we say about this selective human rights response?
As the bodies of those murdered in a far more bloody episode of government brutality in Bangladesh decay, ignored for a month, covered up, disinterested in and even insulted in death, we celebrate the #occupyhypocrisy of the hipster lefty for falling for the same love-the-mob set piece so uncritically, again.

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