Parent killings, middle class morality and wastes of resources

Two parents were murdered in Dhaka last week, apparently by their drug addicted 16 year old daughter, who they had committed to the Oxford International School.  Given recent events however, it is difficult to take anything the Dhaka police, coroners and courts say at face value.  In response, drug addicts and English medium schools have been getting gunned by society. Ex military dictator Ershad suggests that killing a few addicts and dealers would be a useful step to take.

Dear proregressives have tried their best to be liberals, take this wonderful display of American entertainment familiarity. Lord help us honour and dignify our parents, children and prisoners and reflect on the multiple meanings in these signs.

Killing your parents and killing your deobandis (hefazot) are symbolically linked. They are the heritage of our political and spiritual reform.

It is disgusting that this case has garnered and mobilised more middle class outrage than the massacre of 6th May in Dhaka.

I put this to a chappy on twitter, who responded,
My sreni (class) does not really care unless we ourselves are hurt directly. Too busy to give thought to the general stuff.
In relation to the English Medium educated group
Well, I am from the direct group you speak of. And to be frank, I dont carry much of a respect towards it either

There is much money to be made in educating excolonial deshis in the English. There should be extensive and longitudinal studies of the people emerging from these institutions, and the moral risks that parents take when choosing between such schools for their children.

A freind of mine, an alumni from Green Herald School in Dhaka, one of the older ones, was telling me how the kids had got so immoral, that the Chistians who ran it were bringing back Islam to the school in exasperation.

So what to do?
  • Compulsary education in practical ethics, ie. akhlaq, for all.
  • Frank and candid sharing of key information about privileged schools.
  • Louder and wiser debate on the rights of the parent and child in Islamic discourse.

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