The Odhikar Report into the Dhaka Massacre that Adilur Rahman Khan got arrested for.

They have renovated their website, so its here.

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Ankh Morpok said...

I don't think many people are surprised that the Bangladeshi government (of either AL or BNP), police and security forces are capable of premeditated murder and human rights abuses. LOss of life is tragic, regardless of political affiliation of the victims.

However, what is surprising in this Odhikar report are some of the artful omissions. These lead me to ask for it's political orientation ie. have they criticised the many human rights violations by Islamists eg. against Hindus and other minorities, in such (rightfully) strident terms?

Only skim read but the following in the report are subjective and open to political interpretations unworthy of a genuine NGO:

'Odhikar is also concerned by the silence of the segments of so called 'educated' segments of the society despite the publicised high toll on lives'.

'Odhikar strongly stands on the principle of the right of the people to assemble peacefully and the right to express their grievances to the government, regardless of whether it agrees to their demands or not'.

It would seem that Odhikar does not support this principle of right of expression for all, since earlier in the page 1 summary, they seem to be egging on authorities to hunt down bloggers allegedly writing stuff against the Prophet (PBUH). How does Odhikar objectively know that these blogs caust hurt to people when 99% or so of Bangladeshis don't have internet access?

Finally, have Odhikar scrutinised Hefazoths 13 demands eg. anti Ahmadi, anti freedom of expression and anti women? Surely something an NGO ought to comment on? No?

Ankh Morpok said...

Laughably sweeping statement below. Especially as Hefazoth claim only to be a religious and cultural org without interest in politics. Sounds like Odhikar are fans!!!

'This has perhaps fundamentally changed the social, political and cultural architecture
in Bangladesh with regard to religion and exposed the threshold of tolerance from both
secularists and Islamists. It has also drastically reduced the government’s ability to govern
without violence'.

Ankh Morpok said...

Must try harder Fug!

Fugstar said...
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Fugstar said...

Thankyou for your response, I encourage you to investigate that day and night further, and cast your critical eye on the government and corporate press account also.

Liberal intelligentsia has been noted to be silent, complicit and often in applause of this state brutality. Backed up in desh case by diplomatic support for the action.

I don't think that Hefazot hold the right to defame religions as an article of faith.

Right to protest is a no brainer. These folks were attacked that night as they slept and offered no threat.

On the 13 points, I dont agree with elements of them, but engage them with salam, not fear, not bullets.

Farida Akhtar, who is part of Odhikar, has engaged with the anti woman critique. It something to do with a donor drive to meddle with Islamic inheritance laws. (Hefazot haven't demonstrated against female participation in politics have they?)


interesting discussion of it here:

On the Ahmedi issue, it has been dumbly addressed by the Muslims of South Asia since 1952ish. I support their rights as citizens, but also the right for Islam to define what it is and what it isnt, and Muslims should do that with dignity.

I spoke to an Azhari graduate and teacher in the quami sector a few months ago, he was puzzled as to why there were 13 demands, when the only real one for him was a response to insults from atheistic bloggers associated with the Shahbag movement.

I agree with the analysis presented in the paragraph that you laugh at and hope for more dignified responses to come. The naked violence of liberals of the east was shown up by 5th and 6th May.

What you have trouble understanding is that Hefazot are open to any people regardless of their party. Traditionally the quami sector has been pro awami league, instinctively out of reaction to jamaat.

I think this