[Documentary] Mediastan a new film from WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks excites me, it has allowed us some insight into the minds of the powerful, filtered through the writings of US political officers. As im pretty obsessed with Bangladesh these days, I found the Manning releases as well as the Kissinger Cables quite illuminating, not least because in 1975 there were 3 coups in Bangladesh.

Assange tends to attract strong opinions, feminists for whom gender is the primary politics rejected him over the rape allegations. Journalists who work with him tend not to appreciate that he doesn't follow their structures of discipline.


Yesterday I found out that WikiLeaks has released a film Mediastan, in an attempt to communicate what they are about and complement The Fifth Estate, a big budget film which focusses of Assange and which he opposed. Link below.

I also came across this blog that is very critical of the film, raises some important issues but causes much mirth as she speaks of saving people then accuses the WikiLeaks kids of having a God Complex.

The Public Library of US Diplomacy can be found online HERE.

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