The al Shabab video, the unthreatened leaders and decolonial ummah love for East Africa

Social Media Wars are the cheaper kind

Last night I picked up a story about some Muslim figures being directly threatened by the ever degenerating Al Shabab in an hour long video. If I recall correctly it was journalist Mehdi Hasan tweeting solidarity to the allegedly threatened.

Fair enough, I mean who wants to go through videos you could get locked up for viewing

The Guardian's Shiv Malik named Mo Ansar (the cuddly), Usama Hasan (the cornered sellout) and Ajmal Masroor ( the dimpley), while ITV's footage focused on the linkages with the Mall attack in Nairobi a few weeks ago, citing access to a Kenyan intelligence report on the atrocity and featuring the Henry Jackson Foundation.

Tracking down the elusive video 

Searching last night I found pukesome films by the al Kataib, demonstrating their efficacy with deadly rifles, video cameras and editing software,

This morning the url ( i think) was circulating on twitter You too can take a Daily Motion link to a surreal experience of degenerated jihadi PR, a la Four Lions, interleaved with 25 second adverts.

I'm not a terrorism industrialist, clearly, but there were many other Muslim figures featured in the video and notwithstanding the exasperating call to arms and meat cleavers generally, I cant make out the bit with a specific threat against those three individuals.

Shiv Malik is generally known as a bit of a prick but lets have a (Muslim) roll call of this 58 minute piece of shoytani. Condemning the Woolwich soldier's murder and featuring in the media collage we had Dr Shuja Shafi (MCB), Farooq Murad (MCB) Somali looking community leader, Hamza Tsortzis, Maulana Shamsuduha (Ebrahim College), Shayk Ibrahim Mogra (MCB), Muhammed Shafique (Cordoba Foundation) and Amir Taheri, who makes a thoughtful point on the need to detoxify Islam.

Perhaps these less mediatised guys aren't worth making up sympathy over? Perhaps there is something I don't know going on. Stranger things have been true.

Where are the threats?
That I'm not able to perceive the threats to the headlining three makes me wonder to what extent this is a set up and to what extent its a deeply troubling set up. It also reminds me of Leyton Masjid-gate.

In the posturing badboy corner we were treated to Anjem Choudhury, pretty much frontlining, along with Ayman Zawahiri, the AQ boss, and our narrator, Gazi BagOnHisHead who makes a cheesy meal of musing on the diversity of UK recruits. Many of us believe Anjem Chauhdury is a government plant, but we also know that there are no limits to the stupidity of youngsters who wrap themselves up in a naive, romanticised identity of Mujahid.

The sad thing was that lots of the people who's faces were flashed in our faces had passed on. Gotta feel for the sincerity lost, misled and families broken by this.

I think, by the derivative quality of the video and its petty obsession with little people in the UK, that AQ are pretty much several more half lives along their exponential decay curve. This I suppose is the good news in amongst the fear for Somali and Kenyan people are times get more fearful for them

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