Bigger better brighter bolder bullshit now

From the bards at Seize The Day

I see they got a bigger bullshit now
I'd better get a better bullshit now
Give me a brighter bolder bullshit now
We've got a greener brand of bullshit

I'm not gullible you won't catch me
Getting had by an adman's fantasy
Of a supermodel in a talking car
With a nicotine nipple and a chocolate bra

As a jingle fingers through my soul
and I'm twitching to a rhythm that I don't control
Itching for a fix down the old arcade
Where I spent all the money that I just got paid

Bigger Better Brighter Bolder bullshit now

Am I an animal, so programmable,
A pavlov dog in a revolving door?
Or a human spirit that has got no limit
And I ain't gonna double for a dunce no more

Say that I won't but I probably will
'Cos they've got my number and they're ringing it still
Singing "Heal the hunger in your soul"
With a brand new filling for a brand new hole

And it's all for my freedom of choice
That a thousand satellites got one voice
For a TV shopper who remotely votes
Channel hopping in the cabin of a sinking boat

Titanic, what's the panic bullshit now?

Slave or citizen, same old shit again
Got a lot of what I never used to need
While all I'm cherishing is perishing
Fed to the fetish of a great white greed

Greed in the boardroom bigger than god
Using the woman as a wink and nod
And a prod to the herd that are driving by
"You can have my body if you buy my lie"

Somebody in this neighbourhood
Ought to take those billboards out for good
Ought to run them dealers out of town
Ought to take back the power and hand it around

Start planning for an insurrection now

I'm not a terrorist, maybe an anarchist,
A nice bloke, doesn't wanna hurt no one,
But if we don't stop it then our kids are gonna cop it
And how we gonna pay 'em for the damage we done?

I say 'we', what do I mean?
Just a lot of little people in a big machine
Just a lot of little links in a global chain
Where we want more pleasure so we make more pain

And it seems like nobody's in control
Just money making money and it's got no soul
And it's got no power but the power we give
When we doubt that without it we could live

Imagine - it's easy if you try

I'm an idealist - also a realist
I know it's difficult to kick that drug
But if we get clever and we give it up together
What a great endeavour when we pull that plug

I'm sick and tired of all the bullshit now
I think we're running out of bullshit now
I've had enough of all the bullshit

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