Watch now as every Salafi organisation
Becomes the Quilliam Foundation
As white power demands
Disciplines and threatens
to institutionally disarm.

Saudi, a Labia,
Engourged with black gold
Petroindustrial prostitute
To the colonial present
With an amateur fetish,
For fucking things up even more.

King Faisal's remains
are turning in their grave.

Check your twitter and read,
Some sociopaths wrapped in a flag
To cover their negritude and inadequacy
To provide every securocrat
With a compelling business case
To do as they please.

The Miley Cyrusification of the Mujahideen
Completed, one selfie at a time.
Wrapped up in false governance plan,
A parody of Four Lions.

I don't really believe the govt media ISIS hype.
After all these same people
Covered up the massacre in Dhaka, last year.
Selective human rights industrialism
From people armed to the teeth.

The Mujahid remains an honourific and lofty role,
No matter what you are alleged to have done, or do.
Or how stupid, misled or evil you might be.

Remember Yilmaz?
The Danish trainer,
Is that skilled sweet man still alive?
I remember late President Mashkadov,
And who undermined, sullied and killed that struggle?
The 90s seems so long ago now.

The Euphrates remains constricted,
By Saddam's Dams.
You have your southern chums
By their balls,
What was it that poor Moursi said?
'We will defend the Aswan dam with our blood.'
This is no upgrade,
Not even decolonial lemonade
So what is your plan

Watch the fucking British State
And its minions on Fleet Street
Ooze rivers of whiteous indignation.
They who completed Syria's murder of Dr Isa Abdur Rahman.
Now demand condemnothon in perpetuity
Compensating with airtime
Proportional to how high you'll jump.

A penny for the Guy?
Take a bow RaDickle Middle Way, QWillyam and company,
You have succeeded in making things worse.

Did your Key Performance Indickators go like this?

  • Number of apparent scholars delegitimised?
  • Coefficient of suffocation?
  • Extent of toolboyhood
  • Coefficient of wardrobe expansion?
  • Miles misled per testicle
  • Mistrust multiplied
  • Humans humiliated
  • Sequins of sufism supplied
  • Litres of liberalism lubricated.
  • Centimetres of salafism supersceded
Or maybe we could use carbon,
You've burned an awful lot of jet fuel.

So the racist, genocidal and terrorist powers,
Who empowered Saddam
Then starved Iraqis to death,
To protect obese Kuwaitis and Saudis,
Buried them in the sand,
raped them (just bad apples of course)
Piled up their bodies, selfied, defingered, burned and pummelled
With uranium till they gave birth to dear disfigured babies
Have the fucking gall
To demand you condemn ISIS
Like performing monkeys.

Shove that banana back up their sphincters.

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