Salma Hashmi's Muslim NATO for Palestine and its underlying Ummahtography

A Pakistani politician made some interesting remarks recently. Salma Hashemi, a figure from the Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam faction made a very obvious statement regarding the uselessness of condemnatory statements at Israels slaughter of the citizens of Gaza.

A joint army, she said would be formed if 'Muslim countries' were serious. The withdrawal of Arab deposits in western banks, and an oil embargo could be used to express this seriousness, and a joint Islamic bank running established with the deposits of monarchs and elites. It was something very King Faisalesque, the last king of Saudi of any merit (knocked by the US, of course).

I think Begum Hashmi's desire matches that of hundreds of millions of people, however it assumes that petrodollars are some kind of common ummahtic resource, and that the monarchs and elites are part of the solution, not the problem. There's also a bit of the Hindustani manslave about the arabcentricity of resources she speaks of. If anything, our learning from the previous generation should include the limitations of Arab oil wealth, and Saudi developmentia.

Speaking of which, the elites of Egypt and Saudi Arabia have so far escaped much of the wrath directed at Israel. Their ommittment to maintaining their lifestyle transcends anything remotely leading to liberation for anyone.

Turkey so far, and to a limited extent Tunisia, are the only Muslim majority countries to have acted with positive integer value on the matter of Palestine. Generally speaking, there isn't enough trust between and within predominantly Muslim societies, even before we get to the issue of capability amd ummahtic teamwork. Besides their militaries have been long been fattened and defanged through serving tyrants and UN leacekeeping contracts.

That said, it was sickening to read that Egypt turned back one of their medical supply planes from reaching Gazans. Those stupid stupid Egyptions who ran for Tamarod and Sisi last year are responsible for so much of the misery unfolding aross the Rafa border. Last year the fascistic demons busy in Israeli society fight now possessed them, not to mention the Salafis who played a foolish role as well.

Israeli apologists are correct to point out the Muslim-on-Muslim killings blind spot.

So can we quit Ummahtic Cloud Cockoo land and grow up, grounded, open hearted and output oriented? Because,even if Palestine were freed and Israel subdued, that human infrastructure would not necessarily benefit oppressed people closer to our circles of influence.

My counter proposal to Begum Salma is this, if we were serious about establishing justice, we would be doing it, close by, and therefore be skilled with it and of greater assistance to the beleagered Palestinians.

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