[New Word] Libergressive

A common political hue found particularly amongst the well heeled in decolonialistan. Here, protecting one's own personal fourth order freedoms and privileges trumps the basic dignity and justice due to others, to societally dimming affect.

My libergressive sisters and brothers looked the other way when the Dhaka police and the Awami League, with outside support, slaughtered scores,if not hundreds, of Hefazat protesters in Dhaka on 6 May 2013 as they slept and prayed.

Note the same from 'selective human rights' yaarriors as a not too dissimilar violence and disinformation campaign visited PTI and PAT protesters in Islamabad last month.

Libergression is a transgression of dignity and a step away from decolonial futuremaking. It is an easy listening commonsense to consume and reproduce over-represented in the academy, development, publishing, press and clerk class.

Alas Macaulay's bumprint looms large, which is not altogether a bad thing when one is in the mood for kicking.

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