A Turkey Coup attempt resource page

Friday night on the 15th July 2016 was a heart breaking night for me in London, like the night of the 5-6th May 2013 when the Bangladesh state massacred pro-Islam protesters in Dhaka.

Decolonial Duas for positive transformation and collective learning from this episode of Ummahtic Disaster Studies.

Stable URLs are harder to come by these days, so here are some resources which I will update.

From the vaults

Video footage of Fetullah Gulen and Tayeb Erdogan officiate the nikah ceremony of footballer Hakan Sukur and Esra Elbirlik in 1994. Erdogan, then mayor of istanbul performed the nikah, while Gelen acted as Sukur's witness. Alas the wedding didnt last long. Esra died in the Izmir earthquake of 1999. There's an arrest warrant out for Hakan over the coup attempt. 

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