Another disappeared brother,
and struggler,
You stood your ground and didn't leave,
Despite years and years and years of grief

We pray you are well and strong,
along with those who for too long
Have been strained and fizzed.
by this Gopalganj Horror Show.
That specialises in making orphans.

God forbid,
They have murdered you already,
Like the garments martyr Aminul Islam
Or worse still the victims of the Motijheel Massacre.
Scores if not hundreds dead, buried and erased.
Do you know what the exchange rate is these days?

Desh's political cul de sac,
never fails to find new ways to suck
It is a killer's market,
Better still if the killer is the state.
Best of all with a War on Terror mandate

And I suppose this is the better case scenario,
They'll charge you with some epic bullshit offence,
Some say conspiracy and cock up theories are mutually exclusive

Oh to have the power,
To break you out of your confines,
Using nothing but the power of our minds.

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