From the land where 40%+ interest rates on microloans to the poor are celebrated while the rich connected industrialists borrow millions of dollars yet do not even pay back their capital.

From the land where a gentle breeze can make your day.

Where a small kindness received can blow your mind.

From the land of family, bhabis who rock, murabbis with rabbani, cute babies and inspiring high school kids.

From the land where community still means something.

From the land where people are DANGEROUSLY hospitable.

Where the chap sitting next to you on the bus might drug you by means of a boiled egg and steal all your belongings while to dream of A Golden Bengal.

Where all sorts of third rate people from abroad can make a name from themselves, from counterfeiters, development tourists and hyrocarbon expoiters to educationalists, road contractors and mobilephone lords.

Where consumption is king, the ability to consume assigned higher value and weapons of mass consumption touted as development tools.

Where the word science is nearly always succeeded in literature and speech by 'and technology'.

Where the mask of scoundrel intellectuals and ngolords is beginning to crack in a big way.

Where the credibility of a system of democratic hijacking of the people's dignity has been temporarily suspended and a new behaviour is being sought.

Where self esteem is pushed aside through a combination of 'pumping' and 'jacking' in the race for development dollars, influence beyond ones grid and populism.

Where poverty, ignorance, hydrometeorological vulnerability and chaos are gross domestic products.

Where many young ladies are being sold into and have bought into the idea of wearing clothes that really don't suit their figures and complexions, and continue to spread tastelessness though the land. Thankfully this may only be restricted to the capital city.

Where doctors play petty unskilled capitalism with human lives, installing devices they do not understand in inappropiate patients with little fear that a consumer rights or professional body will bite them on the bum.

Where 'human rights activists' get off on ultraviolence, and for want of an intelligent sense of humour cannot see the ironies in their lies.

Where proponents of 'Journalistic Immunity' ,'Freedom of Speech' and 'Human Rights' use such values to confuse, distract, silence, censor and desanctify.

Where the heroes are shy and turtured and the ignorant loud, well connected to the masses and represented in all spheres of life.

To the land where people appear to be wearing permanent scowl on their faces and the youth urinate in fresh water supplies during flood events.


Sue said...

Your blog's informative is very rich in contents. I like your way of
presentation. At times I disagree with your views but thinking about it who
presents views that are acceptable to everyone. Keep posting your good

Shak said...

And how blummin' good it is to have you return :)