Lights, Camera... Action!

The Chinese Government is undertaking a purge of corruption these days. Today the Times reports on the execution of an official who murdered his mistress in a car bomb.

Tory big boss man is trying to generate some citizen spirit with the idea of a national service for the yoot. Its an idea that i hope Labour takes heed off and implements with some finesse and humility. I'm always up for a spot of social engineering, especially when an inordinate bias towards individual rights has allowed some folks to undervalue the ideas of responsibility and collectivity.

Meanwhile, in the ganj, the deep sea port near chittagong seems to be being pushed for some reason, the CSB rolling TV news office was shut down for generally takeing the piss out of official licencing procedures and being jerks during the Dhaka Riots, and the civil servants are being told to submit their wealth statements (merely an enforcement of a rule made up in 1979).

On the port, a japanese company did a 10 crore feasability study in 2006. I would love to see that report and to have been a fly on the ECNEC wall when the issue has been discussed, stalled, remooted, shelved and dithered over.

What a way to go about a 50 year project that will GigaTakas.

On the civil servants, there are moves to make postings a little less headless chicken like than in the past. with UNOs and DCs to get the change to get to know their juristictions for longer. good change from the pov of coninuity amnd institutional memory.

Meanwhile the international rivers network has in its infinite wisdom declared that dams contribute to climate change (rotting vegetation).

The climate mad media make new out of the BBC's pullout from a day of climate change programming.

President Gul has not been toppled yet. woohooo! Police tourist state Morocco has the pleasure of hosting my pals honey moon AND and election today.

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