Geertz, The Islamicist and Radio Ramadan

Check out this bunch of book reviews by grandpa anthropologist Clifford Geertz
Written over nearly 40 years theres oodles of well humoured observation and analysis to digest.

Another development, I am not in the habit of going out of my way to plug blogs, but The Islamicist is quite amusing. At present i think it is a mighty lampooning of the weirdo Mahbub 'call me ed' Hussain 'The Islamist' and the HT. The latest post on 'How to make an egg' deserves a salute for coining the term 'Dar-ul-Herb'.

Only time will tell how soon the author will run out of material or diversify his/her range of targets. There is a limit to how effectively the mine of unwritten irony can be exploited methinks.

Meanwhile, folks here are gearing up for Ramadan Radio. This particular franchise of distributed 'community' radio stations have been with us for a few years, and grown in sophistication. Before there were just highly committed, movement, narrow, boring people running the shows and the stations. Now more and more interesting programme makers are being rolled out, with less parochial backgrounds and planned content. Radio is a lot better for the mind and multitasking life than TV, which is pretty superficial.

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