For the ones who have hearts, for the ones who can hear.

There was a country that was occupied several years ago and I still think it is, no matter how much time goes on. It is multiply occupied at the lowest level, like a Bose-Einstein Condensate. Folks there have had three regime changes in the past generation. To communism, to Mislamism and to TWATism.

The Meddlers just wont leave them to re-equilibriate. Their deluded, culturally conditioned Meddler's Logic leads them to believe that they are part of the future resolution of the problem and must stay there for the 'long haul', lest 'chaos' occur.

At present the group in internationally recognised power cannot provide basic security for the people without their headhunter's stick and carrot peelings. It is a fundamental problem, because they cannot face their old enemy face to face, emerge on top, depersonalise it and move on united.

Face to face one achieves the practical demonstration of one's fitness for government. Without that any crumb you are given is a false sense of custodianship. These backdoor transplanted regimes are effete, lack mojo and bring disgrace upon their noble qaums. On top of this you have squads of second rate NGO workers transplanting confused ideas, in fancy dress, to bribe the people with petty solutions that pass for development these days. The resultant picture is a fake state and a fake 'civil' 'society' of hired hands and people promoted into incompetence.

What ever happened to that ancient of lessons. The one where you recognise your inadequacy, vacate the space and have the good sense not to pollute it with your dirty mind, interests and money any longer?

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