Please don't beat me black and blue

I heard it through the ganjvine,
a gentle man, quite trim and fine
didnt have the best of times,
in an airport of that land of mine.

Bizarre prestige imcompatibility,
Sylatian stallion versus military,
Red passport versus authority,
The event unfolded painfully.

How dare you lay your hands on him,
Did he really pull your grenade pin?
Dont piss away our hopes for you,
Dont get wound up for its not you

Who drove the hordes away from desh,
Every governmental change or ulta pesh,
To other lands to rebuild their lives,
While they spoiled themselves and spoiled their wives.

If you're the future then please behave,
Adab, Shomman are all we crave,
Neither of us should be enslaved,
to the other, isnt that what we've prayed?

If I should irk or get you wrong,
Put out the fire and dont be long,
Tell my murrabis they'll make me true
but please don't beat me black and blue.


some random bloke said...

This place hasn't been updated in a while. While away, the world has turned over, we had the launch of the eeevil Quilliam Foundation, and all over the web the fundies are up in arms. Apparently there are a lot of heretics and infidels about.

Hurry up, we need a post about the counter-extremist, former extremists tpye things.

Blah, I promised myself to stay away from such nonesense, and here I am returning to the weird and wonderful world of the Judea Liberation Front. It's all big stuff in Fleet Street.

fug said...

some random guy, i said all i need to say on QF for now. their work doesnt interest me. the mistreatment of a young brileti at zia airport is more important to me right now.

what is freaky is how 70 million quid is funneling into muslim organisation for shady purposes.

time to go sleep in a cave methinks.