Are journalists the scum of the earth?

spreading waswasas and mischief in the land.
messing with the symbolic field.
poisoning relations.
robbing their brothers of their dignity.
misleading the people.
carving out undue status for themselves with commonsensical self serving arguments.
harrassing the innocent.
invading privacy.
imagining they have a right to speak about what they do not know.

Some years back people were encouraging muslim believers to go into the media and .. erm... 'represent' or something. I think its a mistake and a corrupting profession to be in. The 'Muslim' media is infantile and the 'Mainstream' is just crass and evil. I feel that efforts are better channeled into organic social relations and wisdom attainment. The kind of nuronic realisation that cannot be adulterated by the noisy, superficial and malicious.

Finally, the 'freedom of speech' element can make me laugh. Journalists hold this dearly above everything else, especially the more immature ones. This is despite no earth shattering concept ever being created by members of said profession. Perhaps the oldest profession in the world. We are asked to beleive that it is only because of this freedom of speech ethic that 'speech' is 'allowed', that folks did not come up with objectionable lyrics pre-White Power, that it is a sacred blessing and civilisational development is contingent upon it.


alqasam said...

Salam bro

Long time I didn't take a peek at your blog here. A nice insight in the latest entry indeed.

I will come back soon later. Lot's of things to share with you!

Manas Shaikh said...


I agree that more effort should go into community building. Because a healthy community can sustain and defend itself.

But I don't think it's time to give up yet. The effort should persist, to keep what them in check. (whatever is within our means.)

But unless we have a healthy (mentally/spiritually) and healthy (physically) and healthy (financially), we can not have our own media. Until then, we shall learn about us from them, in the "scum" media.